Aldo Musacchio

Aldo Musacchio is an Associate Professor of Management and Economics at the International Business School and the Department of Economics of Brandeis University. He is also a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).  He has a Ph. D. from Stanford University and a B.A. in Economics with highest honors from ITAM in Mexico City. He has written three books and numerous academic papers looking at how firms adapt to adverse institutional environments in frontier and emerging markets; and how firms in emerging markets use and abuse the support governments give to national champions.

In his book Reinventing State Capitalism he examines the performance implications of different governance arrangements in state-owned enterprises and the effects that investments and loans from development banks have on the performance of firms. In These are the Good Old Days, he examines the entry strategies of foreign banks in Mexico and argues that Mexican institutions have led these banks to be risk averse, something that has decreased bank instability, but has also reduced firm access to bank loans. Professor Musacchio has written more than twenty HBS case studies and has a recent Harvard Business Review article on the challenges and opportunities of doing business in frontier markets. He often consults for the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank on governance reform in the state sector in Latin America. Currently he is writing a book on state-owned enterprise reform in Latin America.