Call for Papers

The world has seen a radical set of social and structural shifts in the last three years, predicted by few policy makers, academics, or social commentators. The Brexit vote in the UK; the revocation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the renegotiation of NAFTA in the US; massive migration and social dislocation in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East; and the rise of more populist and strictly politically-controlled governments across the globe have put pause to any belief that: (a) globalization is viewed as uniformly positive by the bulk of the world’s population, (b) the economic and social benefits of globalization are likely to win out over other political or societal issues, and (c) we can study international business without accounting for the global sociopolitical issues that involve a deeper understanding of topics that fall outside the normal realm of historic international business research.

The 2019 EIBA conference will be an opportunity to look at broadening the impact and footprint of international business through integration with research in other social sciences, to investigate the lessons to be learned from the current turbulent environment. The fact that the conference will be in the UK just before the country’s technical exit from the EU presents a unique opportunity to hold this discussion in an environment currently living through one version of that turbulence.

The conference theme will be operationalized via a collection of tracks that cover traditional topics in international business and a parallel set of specialized tracks that relate to how we can integrate new ideas from the social sciences, policy, and business. In line with this view, we particularly encourage interdisciplinary panel submissions that involve scholars outside of our traditional fields, and panels and submissions that bring in policy makers, business leaders, and those focused on social activism or the integration of non-market stakeholders. We are looking not only for new perspectives on studying old problems, but also for new and existing perspectives on issues and phenomena arising from the turbulent environment of the past several years.

Conference Tracks and Track Chairs

Track TitleTrack Chair #1Track Chair #2
Learning from History: Economic, Social and Political LessonsManuel Hensmans
Solvay Business School (Belgium)
Elizabeth Maitland
University of Liverpool (UK)
International Finance, Accounting and GovernanceKonstantinos Bozos
University of Leeds (UK)
Collins Ntim
University of Southhampton (UK)
Emerging Markets and Regional PerspectivesSantiago Mingo
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile)
Rajesh S Upadhyayula
Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
Global MarketingJorge Carneiro
FGV São Paulo (Brazil)
Kevin Ibeh
Birkbeck, University of London (UK)
Global StrategyIlya Cuypers
Singapore Mangement University (Singapore)
Mario Kafouros
Manchester University (UK)
People and CultureRiki Takeuchi
University of Texas, Dallas (USA)
Helene Tenzer
Universität Tübingen
Global and Local Economics & InstitutionsEvis Sinani
Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
Aldo Musacchio
Brandeis University (USA)
Global ServicesArmando Borda
ESAN Graduate School of Business (Peru)
Hussain Rammal
University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)
Entrepreneurship and Family FirmsXufei Ma
City University of Hong Kong (HK)
Siri Terjesen
American University (USA)
Geographic and Socio Political Dimensions of GlobalizationFlorian Täube
European Business School
Kwame Asamoah
University of Ghana (Ghana)
The Global Value ChainJean-Paul Roy
Queen’s University (Canada)
Holger Görg
University of Kiel (Germany)
Knowledge, Technology and InnovationRicarda B Bouncken
University of Bayreuth
Sorin Krammer
University of Exeter Business School (UK)
Innovations in Teaching (and Learning) International BusinessTamar Almor
College of Management Academic Studies (Israel)
Peter Zettinig
University of Turku (Finland)
MNE Structure, Process and OperationsMarcus Møller Larsen
Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
Andreas Schotter
Ivey Business School (Canada)

Other Activities at EIBA 2019

In addition to the regular conference program, we are planning a series of pre- and postconference events. Each will have a separate registration process.

Pre-conference Events:

  • 33rd John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial
  • 8th Danny Van Den Bulcke Doctoral Symposium
  • 5th EIBA Early Career Network Workshop
  • IBR Paper Development Workshop
  • JIBS Paper Development Workshop
  • JIBP Paper Development Workshop
  • Social & Cultural Events

Post-conference events:

  • Qualitative Methods Workshop
  • Structural Equations Modeling Workshop
  • Pedagogy Workshop
  • Historical Methods Workshop
  • Social and Cultural Events

Key Dates

1st April 2019Submission system opens ☑️
15th July 2019Submission deadline for papers and panel proposals ☑️
1st September 2019Registration system opens ☑️
2nd September 2019Submission deadline for posters, doctoral events, and paper development workshops ☑️
16th September 2019Decision notifications ☑️
15th October 2019Early-bird registration deadline ☑️
1st November 2019Upload deadline for final versions of submissions ☑️
16th November 2019Online registration system closes ☑️
1st December 2019Upload to Conftool deadline for posters to be made available online ☑️
8th December 2019Deadline for using the local printing service to have you poster printed and delivered
13th – 15th December 2019EIBA Leeds 2019 Conference

Please email with any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to EIBA 2019 in Leeds!

For the EIBA Conference Leeds Team

Timothy M. Devinney
Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds
Incoming EIBA President and 2019 Conference Chair