Emerging Markets and Regional Perspectives

Santiago Mingo and Rajesh S Upadhyayula (Chairs)

This track welcomes contributions that focus on the role of emerging markets and emerging market regions in international business. Emerging markets research is interdisciplinary and crosses traditional areas of business research, including strategy, marketing, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and economic geography. What makes emerging markets research unique is the focus on the context. Emerging market firms can have unique features and behave differently from their counterparts based in advanced economies. More recently, emerging market multinationals (EMNCs) have been attracting the attention of international business scholars. While some EMNCs focus only on emerging market regions, others have also entered developed countries. Some relevant questions related to this track include but are not limited to: How do companies coming from emerging markets with different levels of economic or political development differ in their global strategies? How do firms develop the resources and capabilities to deal with the particular economic, geographic, political, and social conditions present in emerging markets? How does the home country context and host country context affect the internationalization strategies of emerging market firms? How do EMNCs develop and acquire the capabilities necessary to compete in advanced economies? What is the role played by developed country multinationals in emerging market firms internationalization? What is the role of emerging market regions—such as Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe—in the internationalization process of emerging market firms? Finally, studies that focus on specific emerging markets or emerging market regions are also welcome.

Keywords: emerging markets, emerging market regions, internationalization of emerging market firms, emerging market multinationals (EMNCs), home country context, institutional voids, cross-national distances.