Entrepreneurship and Family Firms

Xufei Ma and Siri Terjesen (Chairs)

International entrepreneurship, which is about entrepreneurial activities across countries, has been increasingly important in today’s business world. This track mainly focuses on entrepreneurial firms, including internationalizing firms and comparisons of entrepreneurship across national institutional settings. The track covers: how entrepreneurial firms select their initial and following foreign markets (for instance, is their behavior predominantly planned or more random), how they operate there, which factors affect their success and failure and how their following activities are affected by their past. The comparative component of the track examines differences and similarities across countries. In addition, this track also welcomes research on the international aspect of venture capital firms: why venture capital firms internationalize their operations, how venture capital firms compete and cooperate in international markets, and what roles venture capital firms play in the international entrepreneurship process. Papers based on all types of approaches using longitudinal data are especially welcome.

Keywords: SMEs, international entrepreneurship, internationalization process, international expansion, failure, born globals, international new ventures, international venture capital firms