MNE Structure, Process and Operations

Marcus Moller Larsen and Andreas Schotter (Chairs)

MNEs are complex organizational entities. In contrast to domestically based firms, MNEs must coordinate and integrate organizational activities at distant locations. They must craft and execute strategies and organizational processes to effectively access, develop, protect, and exploit resources and capabilities from foreign locations. This process may involve orchestration of international alliances and joint ventures, formal and informal networking and coordination, internal development, and offshored/outsourced value-adding activities. This track welcomes contributions that examine the organizational antecedents, processes and consequences of MNE behavior. We encourage submissions that push our knowledge to understand shifts in traditional MNE behaviors as response to the ongoing changes often depicted as the age of disruption.

Keywords: Operation mode, complexity, coordination outsourcing/offshoring, decentralization/centralization, network, competitive advantage, global mindset.